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The girl with the broken smile
A Senior high schooler from PH. I live in a fairytale somewhere too far for ordinary people to find. I am a cranky, strange, loony, bossy, moody twelve year old sunflower stuck in a fifteen year old’s body. I am made of stardust and sugar and spice and everything nice. A self-proclaimed bookworm and movie-freak. I can make your heart jump high like it was on cocaine, baby. ;)

My Bucket List
» Visit the countries on my List
» Get an SLR
» Get a Lomo cam
» Be Inspired
» Eat Less
» Pray Harder
» Believe
» Pass Ateneo (European Studies)
» Pass UP (European Languages)
» Pass DLSU (International Studies - European)
» Pass DLSU - CSB (Interior Design)
» Find a new perspective
» Buy tons of books and read 'em
» Have unlimited wads of cash
» Fall in ♥ at the right time with the right person
» Improve my poor drawing skills
» Dream bigger, aim higher
» Grow taller
» Sleep
» Learn French, Spanish, and Italian
» Add more and comply



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  That Curly White Spaghetti

 Danielle's my very best friend since like in the beginning of the world. We're like sisters. We have the same thoughts in mind like which person to hate or befriend. Lol. We're like the sister's we've never had. haha. So, all I'm asking for you is to pray for her as she is to compete for the MIMAROPA Sports Meet. She will be leaving for the said even tomorrow. Two weeks of only me equals two weeks of hell. Go Danielle! I love you! Go for gold! And PS, did I ever tell you that she is a SEA GAMES 2011 GOLD AND SILVER MEDALIST? Oh yes she is! ;) That's why I'm very proud of her (although I never tell this to her! Haha!). Love yoou Danie! Go for gold! :****

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